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Soul of New Orleans Celebration

From Emmett Street to Frenchmen Street
WTJU’s 6th Annual Soul of New Orleans Celebration
August 22-28, 2011

Join us, Monday August 22 through Sunday August 28, as we take a musical tour of the Crescent City showcasing its vibrant musical landscape, which continues to thrive despite all the adversities and challenges of the region in recent times. Long before Hurricane Katrina and HBO’s “Treme” made more people aware of its unique cultural heritage, New Orleans has always been in our musical hearts at WTJU. Our connection to the Big Easy is both personal and spiritual, and we’ve made it a practice to devote a special week of programming dedicated to the Crescent City every year since the hurricane struck in 2005.

For this year’s commemoration, we’ve asked our announcers to select their New Orleans musical faves and recommendations for your listening pleasure and edification. We’ve got a gumbo of styles and performers—Dixieland and Satchmo, Zydeco and Cajun, brass bands, clarinet and piano players, Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras, gospel and soul and the big beat and the Caribbean roots of the New Orleans Style. It’s quite an intoxicating brew!

Also look for special guests, including:

  • Jon Lohman, Program Director of the Virginia Folklife Program and the Folklife Festival, on “Left of Cool”
  • Michael Gourrier, Jazz Director of Richmond’s WRIR who lost his home in the wake of Katrina, on “Induced to Judder”
  • Charles King Arthur, who’ll discuss and demonstrate boogie woogie piano on “The Bump”
  • LSU historian and chef David Shreve who’ll take you on a tour of Crescent City heritage on “Leftover Biscuits”

Remember, you don’t have to be tuned in at exactly the same time as a particular show you want to listen to, because you have up to two weeks to stream the show at your convenience. Just go to our website at and click on the “Streaming” button, and then the “Tape Vault” button to select what you want to hear (and we know you’ll want to hear them all!).

By the way, although this isn’t a fundraising effort, if the music moves you, our guitar case is always open. You can always pledge your support to this great cultural resource of central Virginia by going to and clicking on the “DONATE NOW” button.

So y’all come on down to the French Quarter and we’ll transport you from Emmet Street to Frenchmen Street as only WTJU can.

Red beans & ricely yours,
David Eisenman – Jazz & Blues Director


From Monday, Dec. 6 through Sunday, Dec 12, Jazz broadcasts here at 91.1/WTJU-FM will be preempted to make way for this year’s Classical Musical Marathon….giving our friends and compatriots in the Classical Music Department a chance to outdo the record-setting (no pun intended) fundraising success we achieved in October’s 2010 Jazzfest.
So, since we took our turn, we step back and let them do their thing for the overall good of the station. The music will be of a very high quality, so if you can expand your horizons enough and catch a few of the shows, i’ll wager you’ll be very stimulated to show a sign of support with a small contribution.
We’ll be back on the morn of Monday, the 13th, proud, loud and strong, as we walk, full force into the Xmas season’s celebration.
We’ll keep the lines open here just in case there’s something you want to share, and maybe, just maybe, there might a live performance review or two showin’ up in the meantime. Be well and be safe. Tune in and groove to the inescapable power of community radio!

Jazz Marathon 2010 Live Performance Videos

Jazz-in for George Melvin!

♫♪ Jazz-in for George ♪♫

George Melvin Medical Benefit

The Situation

After a fifteen-year battle with late-diagnosed Type II Diabetes and a series of health complications that resulted from that, George Melvin finds himself in need of assistance with medical costs. Dialysis that started in 2005, and a rare dialysis-related condition in combination with a bone infection in his diabetic foot that were diagnosed in 2008 and that diminished George’s earning ability have also swamped the Melvins with medical bills. In addition, the kidney transplant that could offer George greater freedom to travel for work could ironically also be the one hope that George has for gaining  remission or even improvement from the poorly understood dialysis-related condition. Though kidney transplant is not a consistent remedy for NSF, it is currently the most hopeful treatment that has been documented. For more info

George’s friends and music community are joining together to try to help him to retire his existing medical bills and start an ongoing fund that could enable him to obtain the hoped-for kidney transplant.

The Benefit

The Jazz community & friends of the Melvins have come together to help raise money for their medical bills.

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009

Location:   Fry’s Spring Beach Club

Listen here: ♫♪ Announcement ♪♫

Time:          6:00 – midnight (doors open at 5:30)

Donation:  $20


Michael Sokolowski Phone: (434) 242 0704

Alfreda Melvin Phone: (434) 975-0197

Chris Munson / 20 South Productions Phone: 434-296-1600

Bands: (note these are subject to change)

  • 6:00 6:25 Jazz Collective #9
  • 6:30 – 7:00 Shades of Blue
  • 7:10 – 7:40 Olivarez Trio
  • 7:50 – 8:20 Southside Jazz Quartet
  • 8:30 – 9:00 C’ville Jazz Giants
  • 9:10 – 9:40 John Carden & Greenwich Swing Band
  • 9:5010:20 The Chickenhead Blues Band
  • 10:3011:00 Blue Indigo
  • 11:1011:40 Jeff Decker & Mike Rosensky
  • 11:40 – 12:00 JAM

Free Food/Pot luck, cash bar, silent auction, kids welcome.


Show your support for George: Doors open early, so you can swing by Fry’s Spring, look over the silent auction, have an hors d’oeuvre or three, check out some great music, and still have plenty of time to hit any other Saturday night event. Or if you prefer, stop by on your way home from your night out for a soulful and swinging nightcap.

As good as the music is going to be, the goal is to help a beloved member of our community get healthy, so that he may enjoy many more joyful years here with us.

Fry’s Spring Beach Club Info

2512 Jefferson Park Avenue
Cash Only Bar
Parking is somewhat limited so we suggest carpooling

Thank You,
Chris Munson
20 South Productions

Live Interview with Eli Cook on Induced to Judder Oct. 15

Local bluesman & guitarist, Eli Cook, will be live in the studio with David Eisenman on Thursday, October 15, as we sample the music from his new CD “Static in the Blood” with personal insights behind the songs of his 4th musical release. And if we’re lucky, he might bring his guitar and perform a few tunes too.

Jazz Events

The WTJU Jazz Department urges everyone to get out and support live jazz in and around Charlottesville, including these great weekly gigs.

Fellini’s, Maya, Bashir’s, Bel-Rio, Bistro Cassis and other area restaurants also feature jazz frequently.

Special upcoming jazz events

  • Friday, October 9: At 8 pm the Jae Sinnett Trio performs at Bel-Rio Restaurant with remarkable young blind pianist Justin Kauflin and Terry Burrell bass.
  • Friday, October 16: Robert Jospé and Inner Rhythm are at PVCC’s Dickinson Theater 7:30 pm.
  • Tuesday, October 20: The Charlottesville Jazz Society presents Glows in the Dark, performing modern jazz including arrangements of John Carpenter horror film music, 7 pm at Bel-Rio Restaurant.


In addition to the one on WTJU’s website, we have several other calendars that list jazz events in and around Charlottesville.

One is maintained here by the Jefferson Jazz Jammers and there are a couple on Google as well: WTJU Jazz and Piedmont Council of the Arts. Follow the Charlottesville Jazz Society on Twitter for continuous updates.

African Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Music [Playlist – 11/2/08]

November 2, 2008 21:00-23:00 Walking Blues, Bill Adams

  1. ” Kirinyaga Ni Igai Retu “ Peter Kimuri/Patrick Roy Roger – African Acoustic
  2. ” Mrija “ Zeinlabdin Ahmed & Party – African Acoustic
  3. ” Mwalala “ Francis MwaKitime – African Acoustic
  4. ” Jean Ndjela Ku Commissaire “ Charles Ombiza – African Acoustic
  5. ” Mbwiya Ndalo Chalo “ Patrice Ilunga/Victor Misomba – African Acoustic
  6. ” Stanleyville Putula “ Orchestre Tinapa – African Acoustic
  7. ” Banakashi Tabalila “ Isaac Matafwana & Sunkutu – African Acoustic
  8. ” Sengula Nakupenda”George Mukabi – George Mukbi – Kenyan Guitar Master
  9. ” Asante Kwa Wazazi”George Mukabi – George Mukbi – Kenyan Guitar Master
  10. ” Kuowa Tuna Owa”George Mukabi – George Mukbi – Kenyan Guitar Master
  11. ” Tuli Saliwa Vijana Tano”George Mukabi – George Mukbi – Kenyan Guitar Master
  12. ” Kusifu Bibi”George Mukabi – George Mukbi – Kenyan Guitar Master
  13. ” Ya-Leo Mkumbuke”George Mukabi – George Mukbi – Kenyan Guitar Master
  14. ” Kuwowa pasipo kumwaza”Jean-Bosco Mwenda & Friends – Katanga Acoustic Guitar – 1950’s
  15. ” Kupokelea wageni”Jean-Bosco Mwenda & Friends – Katanga Acoustic Guitar – 1950’s
  16. ” Singa tumbo ya wandumba”Jean-Bosco Mwenda & Friends – Katanga Acoustic Guitar – 1950’s
  17. ” Lucia”Jean-Bosco Mwenda & Friends – Katanga Acoustic Guitar – 1950’s
  18. ” Mukwenu wajima majimi”Jean-Bosco Mwenda & Friends – Katanga Acoustic Guitar – 1950’s
  19. “Ematambo Wifwe Bantu”Stephen Totsi Kasumali – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  20. “Mayo Wafwa”T. Muntali & M. Sapao – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  21. “Maselino Yaya Yoyayu”The Four Pals – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  22. “Nifwe Ba Four Pals”The Four Pals – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  23. “Elube”De Ndirande Pitch Crooners – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  24. “Dali Ngiyakuthanda Bati Ha-Ha-Ha”Geoge Sibande – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  25. “Colette”Bembele Henri – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  26. “Banakatekwe”Stephen Totsi Kasumali – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  27. “Mama Josephina”Llunga Patrice & Misomba Victor – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  28. “Massengu”Llunga Patrice & Misomba Victor – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58
  29. “Muleke Mene Ngoie”Ngoi Nono & Kabongo Anastase – Origins of Guitar Music Southern Congo & Northern Zambia 1951 ’52 ’57 ’58

Folk & Beyond [Playlist – 10/30/08] Special Jazz Marathon Edition w guest host John Piller & Aer – The Bop Masters: Sonny Clark and Kenny Dorham

—————- Special Jazz Marathon Edition w guest host John Piller & Aer – The Bop Masters: Sonny Clark and Kenny Dorham —————-

  1. “Curtain Call” {Hank Mobley}Hank Mobley – Curtain Call [Blue Note: 1957]
    …featuring both Sonny Clark & Kenny Dorham together – a rare occurrence.
  2. “Cool Struttin'” {Sonny Clark}Sonny Clark – Cool Struttin’ [Blue Note: 1958]
    “probably Sonny’s most famous LP & most famous composition” w Art Farmer, Jackie McLean, Paul Chambers & “Philly” Joe Jones.
  3. “Blue Bossa” {Kenny Dorham}Joe Henderson – Page One [Blue Note: 1963]
    featuring Kenny Dorham…. (“probably Kenny’s most famous composition”) w McCoy Tyner on piano.
  4. “Blues in the Night” {Harold Arlen/Johnny Mercer}Sonny Clark – Standards [Blue Note: 1958]
    Trio w Wes Landers & Paul Chambers.
  5. “Yesterdays” {Otto Harbach/Jerome Kern}Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – At The Café Bohemia, Volume 2 [live] [Blue Note: 1955]
    Art Blakey, Horace Silver (piano solo), Kenny Dorham (trumpet), Hank Mobley and Doug Watkins.
  6. “Minor Meeting (first version)” {Sonny Clark}Sonny Clark – My Conception [Blue Note: 1959]
    Sonny Clark with tenor saxophonist Clifford Jordan, guitarist Kenny Burrell, and drummer Pete LaRoca. (mis-announced as Eastern Incident….)
  7. “Sunrise in Mexico” {Kenny Dorham}Clifford Jordan – Starting Time [Original Jazz Classics: 1961]
    Distinctive tenor sax of Clifford Jordan featuring veteran trumpeter Kenny Dorham, with pianist Cedar Walton, bassist Wilbur Ware and drummer Albert “Tootie” Heath.
  8. “Three Fingers North” {Sonny Clark}Larance Marable Quartet – Tenorman [Imperial/Jazz West/Blue Note: 1956]
    Drummer Larance Marable Quartet featuring Sonny Clark on piano and James Clay on tenor sax with Jimmy Bond on bass.
  9. “We Wanna Cook” {Bennie Green}Bennie Green – Soul Stirrin’ [Blue Note: 1958]
    Trombonist Bennie Green, with pianist Sonny Clark, saxophonists Gene Ammons and Billy Root, bassist Ike Isaacs and drummer Elvin Jones.
  10. “Autumn Leaves” {Joseph Kosma/Johnny Mercer/Jacques Prévert}Kenny Dorham – Kenny Dorham Sings and Plays: This Is the Moment! [Riverside/Original Jazz Classics: 1958]
    Kenny Dorham sings on all ten of this recordings selections. He had never hinted at any desire to sing previously and this was his one and only vocal album. Kenny’s muted trumpet is supported here by and Curtis Fuller’s trombone & pianist Cedar Walton’s recording debut.
  11. “Dial S for Sonny” {Sonny Clark}Sonny Clark – Dial S for Sonny [Blue Note: 1957]
    Sonny Clark’s first session for Blue Note Records and his first session as a leader. Clark leads a first-rate group with Art Farmer (trumpet), Curtis Fuller (trombone), Hank Mobley (tenor sax), Wilbur Ware (bass), Louis Hayes (drums).
  12. “Woody ‘n You” {Dizzy Gillespie}Max Roach – Max Roach Plus 4 [EmArcy: 1956]
    Max Roach (drums) with trumpeter Kenny Dorham, pianist Ray Bryant, tenor sax great Sonny Rollins & bassist George Morrow.
  13. “Flight 19” {Andrew Hill}Andrew Hill – Point of Departure [Blue Note: 1964]
    Pianist & composer Andrew Hill with Kenny Dorham on trumpet, Joe Henderson on tenor sax, Richard Davis on bass, & Tony Williams on drums.
  14. “Voodoo” {Sonny Clark}Sonny Clark – Leapin’ & Lopin’ [Blue Note: 1961]
    Sonny with tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse, trumpeter Tommy Turrentine, bassist Butch Warren, & drummer Billy Higgins.

Jazz artists turning 70 this year

Just came across this list. Might be good for a marathon show? Wanted to try out the blog anyway.

Freddie Hubbard
Lee Morgan
Booker Little
Carla Bley

Joanne Brackeen
Mike Mainieri
Stix Hooper (The Crusaders)
Etta James
McCoy Tyner