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Best of 2013

brian keena.  jazz messenger.  monday, 10am-noon.
  • miles davis: live in europe, 1969. columbia-bootleg.
  • eliane elias.  i thought about you.  concord
  • ben sidran.  don’t cry for no hipster.  nardis.
  • john d’earth. on. cosmology.
  • joey defrancesco.  one for rudy. high note.
steve huff.  anything goes. monday. 8-11pm.
  • bill frisell. big sur;  ensemble at kevin eubanks.
  • john hollenbeck – songs i like a  lot;  kate mcgarry never sounded better.
  • ben allison – the stars look very different today;  guitar/banjo craziness… think he has found his ensemble.
  • azul – howard, d’earth, caputo;  improvisational trio great live could see them every week…
  • other mentions – carla bley, ralph towner, charles lloyd, gary burton, john abercrombie.
sean grzegorczyk. anything goes. monday 8-11pm.
  • allison miller.  no morphine, no lillies. royal potato family.
  • ben allison.  the stars look very different today. sonic camera
  • chris potter, the sirens. ecm
  • patricia barber. smash. concord.
  • michael blake.  in the grand scheme of things.  songlines.
  • madeleine peyroux. the blue room.  decca
  • ralph alessi.  baida.  ecm.
  • carla bley. trios. ecm.
  • wayne shorter.  without a net.  blue note.
  • dave douglas.  time travel. greenleaf.
gary funston.  living time.  wednesday  8-11pm.
  • dylan ryan & sand.  sky bleached.  cuneiform: drum, guitar, bass trio blows open the possibilities of format.
  • blue cranes.  swim.  cuneiform: from Portland, OR, saxophones + strings create lush  emotional portraits.
  • ben goldberg. unfold ordinary mind. BAG:  clarinetist explores spectrum of low reeds with nels cline guitar.
  • azul.  howard, d’earth, caputo. espresso. improvisation that inspires and surprises.
  • allison miller. boom tic boom. foxhaven:  great drummer with pianist myra melford + jenny scheinman on violin.
  • nik bartsch.  ronin: live. ecm: Swiss pianist with “Zen Funk” group ronin, bass clarinet stars.
  • darcy james argue.  secret society “Brooklyn Babylon”.  new amsterdam;  ambitious, rich, non-traditional big band.
  • dave holland.  prism.  dare2:  legendary bassist with keyboard master craig taborn + kevin eubanks on guitar.
  • pat metheny x 2.   tap. nonesuch: interpretations of music of john zorn. & the orchestrion project. nonesuch:  compositions for computer controlled instruments, called the Orchestrion.
ann porotti.  all that jazz.  thursday, 10am-noon.
  • blue cranes.  swim.  cuneiform.
  • nik bartsch + ronin.  live.  ecm
  • anoushka shankar.  traces of you.  dgg.
  • cecile mcloren salvant.  womanchild.  mack avenue.
  • joe locke.  lay down my heart.  motema.
  • marc cary.  for the love of abbey.  motema.
  • charles lloyd & jason moran.  hagar’s song.  ecm.
  • dave brubeck & tony bennett.  white house sessions, 1962. columbia
  • next collective w/christian scott.  cover art.  concord.
  • boz scaggs.  memphis.  429 records.
sandy snyder.  wild women get the blues.  thursday, 8-9pm.
  • tedeschi trucks band.  made up mind.  masterworks.
  • kara grainger.  shiver and sign. electrogroove.
  • nanette workman.  just gettin’ started.  bros.
  • lisa biales.  singing in my soul.  big song.
  • maria woodford. bad dog blues. self.

david eisenman.  induced to judder thursday, 9-11pm.

  • the catholics.  yonder.  bugle.
  • ben allison.  the stars look very different today.  sonic camera.
  • charlie hunter + scott amendola. not getting behind is the new getting ahead. self.
  • greyboy allstars.  inland emperor.  knowledge room.
  • robert walter’s 20th congress.  get thy bearings.  royal potato family.
  • john scofield. uberjam deux.  decca.
  • chick corea.  the vigil. stretch.
  • ahmad jamal.  saturday morning.  jazz village.
  • john ginty.  bad news travels. american showplace.
  • dr. lonnie smith.  in the beginning.  pilgrimage.
  • southern hospitality.  easy livin’.  blind pig.
  • charlie musselwhite  juke joint chapel.  henrietta
  • james hunter.  minute by minute.  fantasy
  • boz scaggs.  memphis.  429 records.
  • jimmy vivino + black italians.  13 live. blind pig.
  • johnny rawls.  remembering o.v.  catfood.
  • j.j.grey + mofro.  this river.  alligator.
  • ronnie earl.  just for today.  stony plain.
  • duke robillard.  independently blue.  stony plain.
  • buzzard hollow boys.  yazoo basin folktales & other tone poems.
david lee.  jazz essence.  friday,  10am-noon.
  • preservation hall jazz band.  that’s it!
  • oliver jones with josee aidans.  just for my lady.
  • marc johnson & eliane elias.  swept away.  concord.
  • michael gallant trio.  completely.
  • the new gary burton quartet.  guided tour.
dave rogers.   professor bebop.  friday, 11pm-1am.
  • azul.  improvisation by john d’earth, brian caputo, greg howard.
  • smash.  patricia barber.  concord.
  • fight song.  a tribute to charles mingus.  no bs. brass.
  • get up.  ben harper & charlie musselwhite.
  • nikki hill.  here’s nikki hill.
steve shuman aka ruday palisades.  the groove tube.  saturday , 9-11pm
  • the greyboy allstars.  inland emperor.  knowledge room
  • the rootdowns.  songs with friends.  self.
  • robert walters 20th congress.  get thy bearings.  royal potato family.
  • govt. mule.  shout.
aaron zatcoff aka jazz czar.  jazz mania.  sunday, 10am-noon.
  • wayne shorter.  without a net
  • dave holland.  prism.  dare2
  • dave douglas.  time travel.  greenleaf.
  • john scofield uberjam deux.  ecm
  • pat metheny.  john zorn’s book of angels.
rebecca foster.  in the spirit.  sunday, 9-10am
  • blind boys of alabama.  i’ll find a way.
  • nikki hill.  here’s nikki hill.   self
  • mavis staples.  one true vine.
  • j.j. grey & mofro.  this river.
  • julian fauth.  everybody ought to treat a stranger right.
  • pink martini.  get happy.
  • carline ray.  vocal sides.
  • hod o’brien.  i hear a rhapsody.
  • quiet  fire.  jarjuna.
  • anoushka shankar.  traces of you. dgg.
 joe oddo.  “jus joe”.  jazz sub.
  • sao paulo underground.  beija flors velho e sojo.  cuneiform.
  • christian mcbride.  bass out here. mack avenue.
  • kermit ruffins. we’re partyin’ traditional style.  basin street.
  • houston person.  nice ‘n’ easy. high note.
  • ricardo silveira & vinicius cantuaria.  RSVC. adventure music.
kevin kellam.  jazz announcer emeritus.
  • rudresh mahanthappa. gamak.
  • john zorn.  shir hashirim.
  • harris eisenstadt september trio.  the destructive element.
  • magnus ostrom. searching for jupiter.
  • ches smith &  these arches.  hammered

Anything Goes [Monday, October 22, 2012]

Complete playlist here.

“Red River Revel”Brian Blade

Anything Goes [Monday, October 15, 2012]

Complete playlist here.

“The Pianists Say”Monika Herzig

Anything Goes [Playlist – 08/16/10]

Breathy trumpets mainly from the North to cool us down ….

  1. “Exhumation”Nils Petter Molvaer – Hamada [Thirsty Ear]
  2. “Sabkah”Nils Petter Molvaer – Hamada
  3. “Icy Altitude”Nils Petter Molvaer – Hamada
  4. “Aero”Masquelro – Aero
    ECM 1988
  5. “Dust Kittens”Elvind Aarset – Light Extracts
    Jazzland 2001
  6. “Clairvoyance”John Hassell – Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Streets
    ECM 2009
  7. “Blue Period”John Hassell – Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Streets
  8. “Amsterdam Blue”John Hassell – Million Dollar Hotel
  9. “Time and Place”John Hassell – Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Streets
  10. “Last Supper”Food – Last Supper
    Arve Henriksen, Thomas Stronen, Lian Ballamy on Rune Grammofon
  11. “Tobiko”Food – Quiet Inlet
    Stronen, Bellamy with guests including Molvaer on new on ECM
  12. “Cirrina”Food – Quiet Inlet
  13. “Easta”Stronen / Stenson – Parish
    Bobo Stenson, Thomas Stronen, with Fredrik Ljungkvist
  14. “Assembly”Arve Henriksen – Cartography
    ECM 2008
  15. “Sorrow and Its Opposite”Arve Henriksen – Cartography
  16. “Blue Silk”Arve Henriksen – Chiaroscuro
    Rune Grammofon 2004
  17. “Parallel Action”Arve Henriksen – Chiaroscuro
  18. “C 5.1”Supersilent – 5
    also on Rune Grammofon Compilation “Money Will Ruin Everything”
  19. “An Ending (Ascent)”Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno – Atmospheres and Soundtracks
    E.G. Records 1983

Anything Goes [Playlist – 07/19/10]

Garbarek / Katche / Movaer / Bronberg…ECM to Rune Grammofon

  1. “Gautes-Margit”Jan Garbarek – Twelve Moons [ECM]
  2. “There Were Swallows”Jan Garbarek – Twelve Moons [ECM]
  3. “In Praise of Dream”Jan Garbarek – In Praise of Dreams [ECM]
  4. “If You Go Far Enough”Jan Garbarek – In Praise of Dreams [ECM]
  5. “A Tale Begun”Jan Garbarek – In Praise of Dream [ECM]
  6. “Miles Away”Manu Katche – Neighbourhood [ECM]
  7. “Lovely Walk”Manu Katche – Neighbourhood [ECM]
  8. “Shine and Blue”Manu Katche – Third Round [ECM]
  9. “Stay with You”Manu Katche – Third Round [ECM]
  10. Trippin’Manu Katche – Third Round [ECM]
  11. “Time Rebel”Jacob Young – Sideways [ECM]
  12. “Williamsburg”Matthias Eick – The Door [ECM]
  13. “No Soap”Masqualero – Bande a Part [ECM]
  14. “Aero”Masqualero – Aero [ECM]
  15. “There is No Jungle in Baltimore”Masqualero – Re-Enter [ECM]
  16. “On Stream”Nils Petter Molvaer – Khmer [ECM]
  17. “Dust Kitten”Elvind Aarset – Light Extract [ECM]
  18. “Last Supper”Food – Runeology 2 [Rune Grammofon]
  19. “5.1”Supersilent – Money Will Ruin Everything (also Supersilent 5) [Rune Grammofon]

Anything Goes [Playlist – 06/28/10]

New ECM releases… Bjornstad, Rypdal, Tibbetts

  1. “Remembrance I”Ketil Bjornstad – Remembrance [ECM: 2010]
  2. “Remembrance II”Ketil Bjornstad – Remembrance [ECM: 2010]
  3. “Remembrance III”Ketil Bjornstad – Remembrance [ECM: 2010]
  4. “The Sea II”Ketil Bjornstad and Terje Rypdal – Life in Liepzig [ECM: 2008]
  5. “The Return of Per Ulv”Ketil Bjornstad and Terje Rypdal – Life in Liepzig [ECM: 2008]
  6. “Per Ulv”Terje Rypdal – Waves [ECM: 1977]
  7. “The Good Cop”Terje Rypdal – Crime Scene [ECM: 2010]
  8. “Paril con me?!”Terje Rypdal – Crime Scene [ECM: 2010]
  9. “A Minor Incident”Terje Rypdal – Crime Scene [ECM: 2010]
  10. “The Return of Per Ulv”Terje Rypdal – If Mountains Could Sing [ECM: 1995]
  11. “The Big Wind”Steve Tibbetts – Northern Song [ECM: 1981]
  12. “Ur”Steve Tibbetts – Yr [ECM: 1988]
  13. “Three Primates”Steve Tibbetts – Yr [ECM: 1988]
  14. “Walking”Steve Tibbetts – Northern Song [ECM: 1981]
  15. “Vision”Steve Tibbetts – Safe Journey [ECM: 1983]
  16. “Lament”Steve Tibbetts – Natural Causes [ECM: 2010]
  17. “Threnody”Steve Tibbetts – Natural Causes [ECM: 2010]
  18. “Sangchen Rolpa”Steve Tibbetts – Natural Causes [ECM: 2010]
  19. “Villanova Junction”Steve Tibbetts – TIbbetts’ website [Internet only: 2010]
  20. “Black Mountain Side”Steve Tibbetts – Exploded View [ECM: 1989]
  21. “The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born”Marc Anderson – Ruby [Innova: 2002]
  22. “Test”Steve Tibbetts – Safe Journey [ECM: 1983]

Best of 2009 – Steve Huff

  1. “Brewster’s Rooster”John Surman – Vet baritone sax player returns to jazz forms with allstar cast Abercrombie/DeJohnette/Gress (ECM)
  2. “Wait ’til you see her”John Abercrombie – Mature guitar/violin quartet defining their brand of chamber jazz (ECM)
  3. “Radiolarians III”Medeski, Martin and Wood – More jazz than funk this time the party continues (Indirecto)
  4. “The Astounding Eyes of Rita”Anour Brahem – Jazz oud works with chamber world music (ECM)
  5. “Eddie Loves Frank”Ed Palermo Big Band – Zappa covers with swing (Cunieform)
  6. “Five Peace Band Live”Chick Corea and John McLaughlin – Modern masters at work with contemporary fusion (Concord)
  7. “Cartography”Arve Henriksen – Breathy nordic Supersilent trumpeter somewhere between ambient and jazz (ECM)
  8. “Last night the moon came….”Jon Hassell – Ambient jazz from former Eno collaborator (ECM)
  9. “Movements in Colour”Andy Sheppard – Carla Bley sax sideman with his ECM debut as leader (ECM)
  10. “Extra Mile”Pete McCann – Guitar-led ensmble (Nine-teen Eight Records)

Anything Goes [Playlist – 11/02/09]

  1. “Transformations”Jan Garbarek (Ranier Bruninghaus) – Dresden [ECM]
  2. “Heiter”Jan Garbarek – Dresden [ECM]
  3. “Stella by Starlight”Keith Jarrett Standards Trio – Yesterdays [ECM]
  4. “Count Dracula”Enrico Rava (Stefan Bollani) – New York Days [ECM]
  5. “We Shall Not Go To Market Today”Anyd Sheppard – Movements in Color [ECM]
  6. “Stopover at Dijoubti”Anouar Brahem – The Astounding Eyes of Rita [ECM]
  7. “Bain D’or”Louis Sclavis – Lost On The Way [ECM]
  8. “As Ssafar”Cyminology – As Ney [ECM]
  9. “Within You, Without You”George Harrison – Beatles Anthology 2
  10. “Baby YouCan Drive My Car”Charlie Hunter – ComeTogether: Guitar Tribute ro The Beatles
  11. “Baby YouCan Drive My Car”Bobby McFerrin – Blue Note Plays The Beatles
  12. “Blackbird”Adrian Belew – ComeTogether: Guitar Tribute ro The Beatles
  13. “Michelle”Allan Holdsworth – ComeTogether: Guitar Tribute ro The Beatles
  14. “Eleanor Rigby”Brian Jones – Lux
  15. “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite”Jeff Decker – I’ll Know
  16. “The Night Before”Robert Jospe – Hands On
  17. “Norwegian Wood”(Jennifer Kirkland) and Bert Carlson – Alone Together
  18. “Martha My Dear”Brad Meldau – Day is Done
  19. “I Want You”David Ashkenazy – Out With It
  20. “Jealous Guy”Ben Allison – Little Things Run The World

Anything Goes [Playlist – 10/05/09]

  1. “Theme”George Russell – Trip to Prillarguri
  2. “Stratosphunk”George Russell – Trip to Prillarguri
  3. “Esoteric Circle”George Russell – Trip to Prillarguri
  4. “Dansere”Bobo Stenson – Dansere
  5. “Voy Cantando”Jan Garbarek – Dresden
  6. “Heiter”Jan Garbarek – Dresden
  7. “Maracuja”Jan Garbarek – Dresden
  8. “Gautes-Margit”Jan Garbarek – Twelve Moons
  9. “Weaving a Garland”Jan Garbarek with John Abercrombie – Eventyr
  10. “Considering the Snail”Jan Garbarek with Bill Frisell – Paths, Prints
  11. “Miles Away”Manu Katche – Neighbourhood
  12. “Radspuren”Ranier Bruninghaus – Freigeweht

Anything Goes [Playlist – 09/28/09]

New releases, old friends; old releases, new friends

  1. “Trio”John Abercrombie – Wait Till You See Her
  2. “Ralph’s Piano Waltz”John Abercrombie – Timeless (also :rarum)
  3. “Out of Towner”John Abercrombie – Wait Till You See Her
  4. “Hilltop Dance”John Surman – Brewster’s Rooster
  5. “Green Al”Ben Allison – Think Free
  6. “Respiration”Ben Allison and Medicine Wheel – Buzz
  7. “Born Into This”Jenny Scheiman – Crossing the Field
  8. “That;’s Delight”Jenny Scheiman – Crossing the Field
  9. “Disfarmer Theme”Bill Frisell – Disfarmer
  10. “Down on Luck”Bill Frisell – Music for the films of Buster Keaton – Go West
  11. “Train”Bill Frisell – Music for the films of Buster Keaton – Go West
  12. “New Day”Bill Frisell – Music for the films of Buster Keaton – Go West
  13. “Ambush”Bill Frisell – Music for the films of Buster Keaton – Go West
  14. “Cold Spell”Zony Mash – Cold Spell
  15. “Upper Egypt”Wayne Horvitz and Zony Mash – Live in Seattle
  16. “Venus/Upper Egypt”Sonny Sharrock – Highlife
  17. “Ghost Planet Nation”Sonny Sharrock – Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast
  18. “Space Ghost C2C Theme”Sonny Sharrock – Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast
  19. “Promises Kept”Sonny Sharrock – Ask the Ages