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Funhouse [Playlist – 08/30/10]

  1. “Passion Dance”McCoy Tyner – Quartet
  2. “Chameleon”Fabian Zone Trio – The Masters Return
  3. “Keeper”Stryker/Slagle Band – Keeper
  4. “Latin”Lloyd Miller And The Heliocentrics – Lloyd Miller And The Heliocentrics
  5. “Parts And Holes”Robert Walter – Cure All
  6. “Crazyhorse Mongoose”Galactic – Crazyhorse Mongoose
  7. “Padrecito”Medeski Martin and Wood – Radiolarians II
  8. “Roll Credits”Ben Allison – Little Things Run The World
  9. “The Horse You Rode In On”Steve Cardenas – West Of Middle
  10. “Dark City”Cochemea Gastelum – The Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow
  11. “Quiet As Kept”Trombone Shorty Andrews – Backatown
  12. “Celestial Bodies”Catalyst – Complete Recordings Vol 1
  13. “Pixilydian”Bobby Read – Monkfish
  14. “Coast To Coast”Sokoband – Sokoband

Funhouse [Playlist – 08/23/10]

  1. “We Don’t Fear The Water”Chuck Perkins – Voices Of The Big Easy
  2. “Monsieur Blair Present”Leonard Blair – Monsieur Blair Present
  3. “Bluesiana Mama”Marva Wright – After The Levees Broke
  4. “DirtyPower”Shane Theriot – Dirty Power
  5. “This Is Now”Clyde Kerr Jr. – This Is Now
  6. “Where Ya At New Orleans”Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans – Volume X
  7. “The Meek Maids Reel”Amanda Shaw – Good Southern Girl
  8. “When Can I Come Home”Billy Iuso – When Can I Come Home
  9. “New Second Line”Los Hombres Calientes – Volume 3
  10. “Dog Eat Dog”Eric Lindell – Live From Jazzfest 2010
  11. “Pedal To Metal”Sonny Landreth – Grant Street
  12. “Track One”Terrence Blanchard – Live From Jazzfest 2010
  13. “The Hype And The Hoopla”Leo Nocentelli – Live In San Francisco

Funhouse [Playlist – 08/16/10]

  1. “The World Is Falling Down” {A. Lincoln}Abbey Lincoln – Abbey Sings Abbey [Verve: 2007]
  2. “The Music Is The Magic” {A. Lincoln}Abbey Lincoln – Abbey Sings Abbey [Verve: 2007]
  3. “Marco Polo Goes West” {A. Spence}Alister Spence – Mercury [Rufus: 2006]
  4. “Que Pasa” {H. Silver}Horace Silver – Song For My Father [Capitol: 1989]
  5. “The Enquizator’s Request” {L. Gilchrist}Lafayette Gilchrist – 3 [Hyena: 2007]
  6. “My Buffalo Girl” {B. Frisell}Bill Frisell – Good Dog, Happy Man [Nonesuch: 1999]
  7. “Lady” {C. Hunter}Charlie Hunter – Mistico [Concord: 2007]
  8. “Blue Streak” {K. Jarrett}Steve Cardenas – West of Middle [Sunnyside: 2010]
  9. “The Red One” {P. Metheny}Pat Metheny – Day Trip [Nonesuch: 2008]
  10. “Meanwhile”Dumpstafunk – WWOZ Compilation
  11. “Satan’s Blues” {A. De Walt/W. Woods}Don Byron – Do The Boomerang [Blue Note: 2006]
  12. “Gorillafaceugmopotmust” {M. Pero}Papa Grows Funk – Mr. Patterson’s Hat [Funky Krewe: 2007]
  13. “Chilcock” {M. Mullins}Bonerama – Live Form New York [Bonerama: 2004]

Funhouse [Playlist – 08/09/10]

  1. “Tumbleweed” {M. Brecker}Michael Brecker – Pilgrimage [WA: 2007]
  2. “A NIght Away” {P. Metheny/B. Mehldau}Metheny Mehldau Quartet [Nonesuch: 2007]
  3. “Happy Days” {M. Tyner}McCoy Tyner Trio – Infinity [MCA: 1995]
  4. “Loft Funk” {M. Clark/ J.Levy}Mike Clark – Blueprints of Jazz [Talking House: 2009]
  5. “Bacon Phat” {M. Clark}Mike Clark – Actual Proof [Platform: 2000]
  6. “Dr. J” {J. Wilkins}Mike Clark – Give the Drummer Some [Stash: 1989]
  7. “Zoyd” {J. Pittson}Mike Clark – Carnival Of Soul [Owl Studios: 2010]
  8. “Beat Me Til I’m Blue” {A. Hawkshaw}Raphael Wressing – P)arty Factor [BHM: 2010]
  9. “Three-Legged Tango In Jackson Square” {J. Ellis}John Ellis – Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow [Hyena: 2008]
  10. “Keep On Gwine” {M. Lastie}Stanton Moore – Groove Alchemy [Telarc: 2010]
  11. “Gumbo Klomp” {C. Howes}Christian Howes – Out Of The Blue [Resonance: 2010]
  12. “Nida” {W. Payton}Nicholas Payton – Into The Blue [Nonesuch: 2008]

Funhouse [Playlist – 08/02/10]

  1. “The Horse You Rode In On” {S. Cardenas}Steve Cardenas – West of Middle [Sunnyside: 2010]
  2. “Tout Ce Qui Brille Ne Pas” {C. Hunter}Charlie Hunter – Gentlemem, I neglected… [Spire Artists: 2010]
  3. “L.P.” {L. Ritenour}Lee Ritenour – 6 String Theory [Concord: 2010]
  4. “Check One” {M. Stern}Mike Stern – Big Neighborhood [Heads Up: 2010]
  5. “Amish Pintxos” {M M W}Medeski Martin And Wood – Radiolarians II [Indirecto: 2009]
  6. “Arrow’s Theme” {C. Gastelum/T. Brenneck/A. Dornblum}Cochemea Gastelum – The Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow [MOWO: 2010]
  7. “Hurricane Season” {T. Andrews}Trombone Shorty – Backatown [Verve: 2010]
  8. “Tuff Love” {Galactic}Galactic – From The Corner To The Block [Anti: 2007]
  9. “Quantico, VA” {K. Denson}Greyboy Allstars – A Town C alled Earth [Greyboy: 1997]
  10. “Bulldog Run” {J. Singleton}Robert Walter – Cure All [Palmetto: 2008]
  11. “Squash Blossom” {R. Walter}Stanton Moore – Groove Alchemy [Telarc: 2010]
  12. “Ivory Coast” {S. Orfield}Sue Orfield – Bonk [Red Cedar: 2009]
  13. “Fifty Second Street Boogie Down” {S. Ferguson}Catalyst – Complete Recordings Vol. 2 [Porter: 2010]
  14. “Soul-Progessin'” {L. Gilchrist}Lafayette Gilchrist – Soul-Progessin’ [Hyena: 2009]
  15. “Awanna” {W. Bernard}Will Bernard – Blue Plate Special [Palmetto: 2008]

Funhouse [Playlist – 07/26/10]

  1. “Celestial Bodies” {O. Pope}Catalyst – The Complete Recordings Vol 1 [Porter: 2010]
  2. “Nava”Lloyd Miller and the Heliocentrics – Lloyd Miller and the Heliocentrics [Strut: 2010]
  3. “Dark City” {C. Gastelum/T. Brenneck}Cochema Gastelum – The Electric Sound fo Johnny Arrow [Mowo: 2010]
  4. “Blues for Celia” {K. Denson}Greyboy Allstars – A Town Called Earth [Greyboy: 1997]
  5. “End of the World Party” {MMW and John King}Medeski Martin And Wood – End of the World Party [Blue Note: 2004]
  6. “Water on the Moon” {M. Clark/Jerry Z.}Mike Clark – Carnival Of Soul [Owl Studios: 2010]
  7. “All Points South” {J. Kaufman}Harris Simon – The Mastery Of Passion [Resonance: 2010]
  8. “Keeper” {D. Stryker}The Stryker/Slagle Band – Keeper [Panorama: 2010]
  9. “Neolithic” {J. D’earth}John D’earth – Neolithic [Cosmology: 2010]
  10. “Bohemia After Dark” {O. Pettiford}Sherman Irby – Live at the Otto Club [Black Warrior: 2009]
  11. “Spirit Waltz” {S. Davis}One For All – Incorrigible [Jazz Legacy: 2010]
  12. “It’s Only Seven” {H. Duran}Hilario Duran – Motion [Alma: 2010]

Funhouse [Playlist – 07/19/10]

  1. “Funhouse” {D. Gatton}Danny Gatton – Cruisin’ Deuces [Elektra: 1993]
  2. “Lay It Down” {L Ritenour}Lee Ritenour – 6 String Theory [Concord: 2010]
  3. “Blue Streak” {K. Jarrett}Steve Cardenas – West Of Wild [Sunnyside: 2010]
  4. “Expansions” {P. Metheny}Pat Metheny – Orchestration [Nonesuch: 2010]
  5. “Root Cellar” {W. Bernard}Stanton Moore – Alchemy [Telarc: 2010]
  6. “Sister Sadie” {H. Silver}Charles Earland – Funky Pieces Of Silver [HighNote: 2007]
  7. “NOLA” {J. DeFrancesco}Papa John DeFrancesco – Big Shot [Savant: 2009]
  8. “Groovin’ Blues” {J. McGriff}Jimmy McGriff – Charles Earland’s Jazz Organ Summit [Cannonball: 1997]
  9. “Free Go Lily” {M M and W}Medeski Martin And Wood – Radiolarians I [Indirecto: 2008]
  10. “One In, One Out” {J. Coffin/A. Rocklin}Jeff Coffin – Mutopia [Compass: 2008]
  11. “Guarachando” {F. Lamoglia}Arturo Sandoval – Rumba Palace [Telarc: 2007]
  12. “Adam’s Apple” {W. Shorter}Conrad Herwig – Latin Side Of Wayne Shorter [Half Note: 2008]
  13. “Maceo’s House” {F. Torres}Poncho Sanchez – Raise Your Hand [Concord: 2007]

Funhouse [Playlist – 07/12/10]

  1. “All Blues” {M. Davis}Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue [Sony: 1997]
    Originally recorded in 1959
  2. “Better Git It in Your Soul” {C. Mingus}Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um [Sony: 2009]
    Originally recorded in 1959
  3. “Fables Of Faubus” {C. Mingus}Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um [Sony: 2009]
    Originally recorded in 1959
  4. “A Brief Tale” {D. McCaslin}Donny McCaslin – In Pursuit [Sunnyside: 2007]
  5. “Chameleon” {H. Hancock}Fabian Zone Trio – The Masters Return [Consolidated Artists: 2007]
    W/ Andres Boiarsky on Tenor
  6. “Ivory Coast” {S. Orfield}Sue Orfield – Bonk [Red Cedar: 2009]
  7. “We All Love Eddie Harris” {D. Hazeltine}Eric Alexander – Prime Time [Highnote: 2008]
  8. “4AM” {H. Hancock}Herbie Hancock – The Essential Herbie Hancock [Sony: 2008]
  9. “Intro To Africa” {K. Garrett}Kenny Garrett – Sketches Of MD [Mack Avenue: 2008]
  10. “Blackbird Backtalk” {D. Gress}Drew Gress – The Irrational Numbers [Premonition: 2007]
  11. “Gumbo Variations” {F. Zappa}Ed Palermo – Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance [Cuneiform: 2006]

Funhouse… [Playlist – 06/28/10]

  1. “One For Miss D.” {B. Dennerlein}Barbara Dennerlein – That’s Me [Bluemoon: 1992]
  2. “Back At The Chicken Shack” {J. Smith}Jimmy Smith – Back At The Chicken Shack [Blue Note: 1987]
  3. “I Ain’t Looking At You” {J. Davis}Alvin Queen – I Ain’t Looking At You [Enja: 2006]
  4. “L.P. (For Les Paul)” {L. Ritenour}Lee Ritenour – 6 String Theory [Concord: 2010]
  5. “Lay IT Down” {Lee Ritenour}Lee Ritenour – 6 String Theory [Concord: 2010]
  6. “Big Neighborhood” {M. Stern}Mike Stern – Big Neighborhood [Heads Up: 2009]
  7. “Blue Wind” {J. Beck`}Freeway Jam – To Beck And Back [Shrapnel: 2007]
  8. “Freeway Jam” {M. Middleton}Lee Ritenour – 6 String Theory [Concord: 2010]
  9. “The Horse You Rode In On” {S. Cardenas}Steve Cardenas – West of Middle [Sunnyside: 2010]
  10. “Deluxe Version” {C. Lightcap}Chris Lightcap – Deluxe [Cleanfeed: 2010]
  11. “Pixilydian” {B. Read}Bobby Read – Monkfish [Small World: 2008]
  12. “El Guapo” {M. G. Syndicate}Modern Groove Syndicate – Ms. Popular [Courthouse: 2007]
  13. “Coast to Coast” {M. Sokolowski}Sokoband – Sokoband [Breezeway: 2009]
  14. “Shifter” {B. Read}Bobby Read – Simbia [Small World: 2007]

Special Black History Month Programming

Join WTJU’s observance of Black History Month with special broadcasts showcasing the musical contributions of those of African heritage. Tune in to hear specially-themed editions of many of our regularly scheduled programs.

Monday, February 1

New Month New Music The Young Black Lions Nick Page & Gerald Watts 9:00 AM
Join Nick and Gerald for a special edition of ‘New Month, New Music’ in celebration of Black History month. Hear the recent releases and the young lions on the rise. Maybe even a few older cats as well. They will play African-American artists that are making the classic music of tomorrow.
Soulful Situation The Soul of Black Country & Western The Rum Cove 12 Noon
Many folks, when they hear soul and country music mentioned, think of Ray Charles’s work in that field. The Rum Cove, however, knows there is so much more to black Country and Western than this and for Black History month he will take us on a journey of heartache and pain to the very center of this oft overlooked area of African American musical history.
Anything Goes Jazz, Blues and the Freedom March Sean Grzegorczyk 9:00 PM
In celebration of Black History month, Anything Goes will feature Jazz and Blues inspired by the pivotal events of the Civil Rights Movement. John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Nina Simone, Mingus, Art Blakey, the Blind Boys of Alabama and Mahalia Jackson are just some of the artists you will hear as we explore the musical expressions of very turbulent times.  So tune in Monday night, Feb 1, from 9-11 pm and join Sean for a very special edition of Anything Goes.

Tuesday, February 2

All That Jazz Ike Quebec and John Hardee Ann Porotti 9:00 AM
Two unheralded tenor saxophonists–Ike Quebec and John Hardee, both born in 1918.  Quebec came from Newark, New Jersey, and was schooled in the “Harlem incubators of bop.”  At his best Quebec shaped his style from the pioneers of jazz, but his magnificent sound lost years to heroin, illness and Rikers Island Prison.  Hardee was reared and educated in church-going Corsicana County, Texas.  Most of his career was spent in Texas teaching high school music except for a few years working with Tiny Grimes in the 1940’s, and a stint in 1975 when he appeared to great acclaim at the Nice Jazz Festival. There was, however, a brief window–1944-46–when both men recorded for the legendary Blue Note at the WOR Studios;  Mosaic Records has remastered these extraordinary and rare performances to compact disc. Join Ann Porotti in this Black History Month Celebration of two great tenor saxophonists–Ike Quebec and John Hardee.
Rhythm & Romance Six By Four Charles Peale 10:30 AM
Six musical selections each, from four black entertainers. Featuring Al Hibbler, the Mills Brothers, Jonah Jones & Johnny Mathis.
Walk Right In Fiddles and Banjos in African-American Music Rebecca Foster 12 Noon
For much of the second half of the 20th century most people thought of fiddles and banjos as belonging to the bluegrass and mountain traditions of Anglo-Americans, forgetting that the banjo was invented by African-Americans and the fiddle was adopted for the early blues.  Recently, with Otis Taylor’s “Recapturing the Banjo,” Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band and groups like The Carolina Chocolate Drops, there’s been a joyful return to fiddles and banjos by African-American musicians.  And, let’s not forget Papa John Creach, Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Taj Mahal who were playing these instruments all along, not to mention more obscure but equally talented Louisiana Creole fiddlers.  We’ll listen to a sampling of music starting with early string and jug bands, like Cannon’s Jug Stompers and the Mississippi Sheiks, banjo songsters like Dink Roberts and John Snipes, and Creole fiddlers like Canray Fontenot.  We’ll finish with some of the newer sounds of Fiddles and Banjos in 21st century African-American music.
Loose Threads A Fistful of Dollar Kevin Kellam 9:00 PM
Kevin Kellam explores the music and career of South African pianist/composer/arranger Abdullah Ibrahim aka Dollar Brand – a true originator at expressing the connections between African music and the jazz tradition.

Wednesday, February 3

Left of Cool Grant & Wes Larry Minnick 9:00 AM
Three hours of the finest in jazz guitar from two of the modern masters, Grant Green and Wes Montgomery.
Straight No Chaser Off Minor Charlie Curtis 9:00 PM
Music of pianists Thelonious Monk, Andrew Hill, and saxophonist Greg Osby.

Thursday, February 4

Jazz Songline The Marsalis Family Tom Klippstein 9:00 AM
Tom will showcase the first family of modern jazz from the Crescent City featuring the music of the Marsalis family including Ellis, Wynton, Branford, Delfeayo, and Jason.
Eclectic Woman Sweet Honey in the Rock Annette Kastner 7:00 PM
The renowned female vocal group will be featured on the Eclectic Woman show.
Induced to Judder Powerhouse Trio with Jamal Milner & Houston Ross Live In The Studio David Eisenman 9:00 PM
The Juddermeister’s Black History celebration features a live performance of the Powerhouse Trio with Jamal Milner on guitar, Houston Ross on bass, and Jeff Louderback, Jr. on drums. In the second hour he’ll spin the music of other local black jazz & blues artists such as Corey Harris, George Melvin, and Darrell Rose.

Friday, February 5

Stef-o-Scope Nat King Cole The Melody Man 9:00 AM
The Melody Man brings you 90 minutes of the one and only Nat King Cole– the piano trio, the vocals, and more.
The Jazz Messenger The Brothers Jones, Hank, Elvin and Thad Brian Keena 10:30 AM
Highlighting their musical contributions as sidemen and leaders.
Nothing But The Blues Stax of Blues Peter Welch 9:00 PM
Stax Records is regarded as one of the great soul music labels, but Stax also released some excellent blues recordings.  Join Peter Welch as he plays some of his favorite Stax blues recordings, including songs by Albert King, Little Milton, Johnny Taylor, Rufus Thomas, Freddie Robinson, Jimmy McCracklin, Little Sonny, Eddie Kirkland and more.
Professor Bebop Etta James Professor Bebop 11:00 PM
Recording from her early teens, Etta James rocked R’n’B’s famed “Henry,” shouted the blues with the authority of Bessie Smith and Koko Taylor, threw the kind of blues passion into balladry that influenced Aretha and the entire soul sister family, and has rocked, shouted, and swooned every sort of music – pop, country, rock, blues, jazz, and soul.  Join Professor Bebop at 11 p.m. on Friday, February 5, for two hours of sheer passion and pleasure!  Miss Etta James!

Saturday, February 6

Vagabond Shoes From Duke to Prince and Everything In Between David Soyka 6:00 PM
Vagabond Shoes celebrates Black History Month by jumping among genres to present significant African-American musicians in pop, jazz, folk, blues and rock – and whatever is in between. From Duke to Prince, from Hendrix to Holiday, from Miles and Mingus to Ike and Tina Turner, to the Godfather of Soul and Sly and the Family Stone, Odetta and Ella and Sarah.
Living Time Dexter Gordon – Long Tall Dexter’s soaring career Koli Cutler 9:00 PM
A two-hour retrospective of the catalog of music left by the only musician nominated for an Oscar, we will hear how this Angelino paved the way for tenor men for over half a century. Starting off with his early work with the Lionel Hampton Band in Chicago, to working with greats like Lester Young, Ben Webster, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Sonny Rollins, Fats Navarro, Billy Eckstine, Miles, Bird and Trane. Join us for the big sounds of the big man Dexter Gordon, who transformed early bebop into the mainstream Jazz scene.

Sunday, February 7

In The Spirit The Swan Silvertones Terry Carpenter 9:00 AM
Tune in for an hour of good gospel music by the “Swan Silvertones”. A popular group in the 1940s & 50s, they started out in 1938 as the “Four Harmony Kings” in West Virginia. They moved to Tennessee and became the “Silvertone Singers”, later becoming the “Swan Silvertones” when Swan Bakeries started to sponsor their radio show. They mixed barbershop harmonies with virtuoso lead singers. They were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2002.
Jazzmania Great Black Music – Ancient to the Future Aaron Zatcoff 10:00 AM
This was the self-described appellation for the Art Ensemble of Chicago, but jazz, with its roots in Africa, evolved in America with the unique mix of slavery, freedom, the blues, and the many social forces and challenges of life.  This show will present an eclectic mix of avant-garde and traditional, celebrating the birthdays of Eubie Blake and King Curtis, with nods to Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis as well as the AEC.
Walking Blues Memphis Slim Preston Palisades 9:00 PM
Vagabond Shoes celebrates Black History Month by jumping among genres to present significant African-American musicians in pop, jazz, folk, blues and rock – and whatever is in between. From Duke to Prince, from Hendrix to Holiday, from Miles and Mingus to Ike and Tina Turner, to the Godfather of Soul and Sly and the Family Stone, Odetta and Ella and Sarah.