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New Month New Music [Playlist – 12/07/09]

  1. “Mrs Tangoholic”Oscar Feldman – Oscar E Familia
    This is good stuff.
  2. “Summertime”Kat Edmondson – Take to the sky
    Nick doesn’t like it, but Gerald does.
  3. “Coast To Coast”Sokoband – Sokoband
    Good local stuff.
  4. “So Many Pies”New Mastersounds
    We both dig this.
  5. “A Beautiful Friendship”Lenore Raphael – A Beautiful Friendship
    Nick likes it. Gerald thinks it is not original.
  6. “Fast Lane”Mimi Jones – A New Day
    Does not distinguish itself but is listenable.
  7. “Jazz Lips”Memphis Nighthawks – Jazz Lips
    Music is good but recording is not so hot.
  8. “Ruggburn”Jeremy Manasia – After Dark
    We both like this
  9. “Finn Veers For Venus”Larry Ochs – Stone Shift
    Good song to leave the studio and do other things.
  10. “VRC #9”Aram Shelton – Fast Citizen
  11. “Time After Time”Jake Shimabakuro – My Life
  12. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”Jake Shimabakuro – Live
    We both like this
  13. “Dio Pann”Jacques Schwartz-Bart – Abyss
    Nick likes it. Gerald thinks the cd has potential.
  14. “Midwick Man”Curt Berg – At Stagg Street Studio
    It’s OK says Nick. Drags says Gerald.
  15. “Pelicans”The Catholics – Inter Vivos
    Good stuff
  16. “Southern Skies”David Murray – The Devil Tried To Kill Me
    This gets 2 thumbs up
  17. “Note-O-Riot-Ee”Phil Kelly – Ballet Of The Bouncing Beagles
    Not bad at all.
  18. “Starmaker Machinery”Madds Tolling – The Playmaker
    Gerald really likes it and so does Nick, but not as much.
  19. “Amalgamation”Matt Vashlishian – No Such Thing
    2 thumbs up
  20. “H-Town”B. D. Lenz – Hit It And Quit
    We like this so much we are playing another
  21. “Hit It And Quit”B. D. Lenz – Hit It And Quit
    This is good.
  22. “The Music Goes On”Jeb Patton – New Strides
    Nick likes it.
  23. “The Balancing Act”The Nice Guy Trio – Here Comes…

New Month New Music [Playlist – 11/2/09]

  1. “Seven Ways”Jason Lindner – Now Vs Now
    Interesting and we both give it a thumbs up
  2. “Checked bags”Mike Longo – Sting like a bee
    Sounds good to us.
  3. “Dois Violoes”Egberto Gismonti – Saudacoes
    This gets 2 thumbs up. Appears that a set of gypsy jazz is on the horizon.
  4. “Highway 61 Revisited”Ben Sidran – Dylan Different
    This is very good
  5. “Songline”Joey Defrancesco – Snapshot
    It’s B3 of course we will listen to this. It also helps that we like this cut.
  6. “Sunny”Houston Person – Mellow
    Nick likes this. Gerald thinks this is OK.
  7. “White Wednesday Off The Wall”Henry Threadgill – This Brings Us To
    Kind of strange. 2 thumbs down
  8. “Manha De Carnaval”Royce Campbell – Movie Songs Project
    We like this.
  9. “Fire Sign”Robert Jospe – Inner Rhythm Now
    We both like this even with the soprano sax.
  10. “Zu Zis Petals”Caravan Of Thieves – Bouquet
    2 thumbs up
  11. “Quiereme Mucho”Niuver – Jazz Around The World
    We both like this.
  12. “Destinos”Billy Cobham – Jazz Around The World
    Good stuff
  13. “Wow”Charlie Shoemake – Inside
    We both like this.
  14. “Chicane”Bud Shank – Fascinating Rhythms
    2 thumbs down
  15. “Gasafrass”Shook/Russo – So Far From Home
    This has a good sound to it with good players.
  16. “Cafe Cortado”Edward Ratliff – Those Moments Before
    Overall we do not like this
  17. “Burned”Peter Mazza – Through My Eyes
    Good stuff
  18. “Rothko”Jacam Manricks – Labyrinth
    Not very interesting
  19. “Slow Hot Wind”Angela Hagenbach – The Way They Make Me Feel
    Doesn’t float our boats
  20. “We Are Unicorns”Darius Jones – Man’ish Boy
    This be weird
  21. “Blue Rain”Randy Brecker – Nostalgic Journey
    We both like this
  22. “All One”Fabian Zone Trio – Keys In Ascension
    This be good
  23. “Yo Mama’s Blues”Gilad Hekselman – Words Unspoken
    2 thumbs up

New Month New Music [Playlist – 10/05/09]

  1. “Dadi-Yo”David Ashkenazy – Out With It
    We kind of like this.
  2. “Lexicon”John Wojciechowski – Lexicon
    Nick is not wild about it. Gerald thinks it ain’t bad and will listen to more.
  3. “Arms Full Of Roses”Robyn Hale – Arms Full Of Roses
    We do not like this.
  4. “Fais Do-Do”Dan Moretti – Tres Muse
    We both like this.
  5. “Say What”Sharel Cassity – Relentless
    We both like this.
  6. “Angry Panda”Pete McCann – Extra Mile
    Nick is not crazy about it but Gerald thinks it sounds pretty good.
  7. “Star Eyes”Pamela Luss – Sweet And Saxy
    Nick likes this and Gerald thinks its sappy.
  8. “Bridging The Gap”Terell Stafford – Bridging The Gap
    We both like this very much.
  9. “You’ve Got The Fever”Curtis Stigers – Lost In Dreams
    We are not impressed.
  10. “Nuevos Horizontes”Gabriel Espinoza – From Yucatan To Rio
    Two thumbs up
  11. “Voices Deep Within”Cedar Walton – Voices Deep Within
    This will be heard again for sure.
  12. “Undone”Medeski Martin And Wood – Radiolarians III
    This is good.
  13. “Canteloupe Island”Poncho Sanchez – Psychedelic Blues
    We both like this version. Great trombone solo
  14. “Dancing On Thin Ice”Plunge – Dancing On Thin Ice
    It is weird but OK.
  15. “Johnny Guitar”Joe Beck – Golden Earrings
    Don’t like it.
  16. “A Tear In Elmina”Phil Ranelin – Reminiscence
    Interesting and good.
  17. “The Funkster”Reuben Wilson – The Godfathers Of Groove 3
    This is a good tune.
  18. “Itsbynne Reel”Chuck Owen – The Comet’s Tail
    We both love this song and this CD.
  19. “Green Al”Ben Allison – Think Free
    We both like this.
  20. “Jesus Saves”Uros Markovic – Jesus Saves
    Two thumbs up.
  21. “Blues on Belle Isle”Gerald Wilson – Detroit
    We both like this.
  22. “The Spark”Ramsey Lewis – Songs From The Heart
    Good stuff
  23. “Nora”Mark Levine – Off And On
    We both like this

New Month New Music [Playlist – 09/07/09]

Nick Page and David Lee (sitting in for Gerald Watts) play, and comment on, brand new additions to the TJU Library. Sight unseen. Enter at your own risk.

  1. “Nora”Mark Levine – Off & On [2009]
    We both like this right off the bat.
  2. “TuTu”Cecil Brooks III – Hot Dog [2009]
    Both of us OK with this lightly funky piece at first; then it got boring.
  3. “Wait til You See Her”John Abercrombie – Wait Till You See Her [2009]
    Good for before bedtime.
  4. “Blackjack”Eldar – Virtue [2009]
    Both of us – thumbs up.
  5. “That Old Black Magic”Roberta Gambarini – So In Love
    Nice, but has a Pop sound; sung very straight.
  6. “Crossfire”Jim Snidero – Crossfire [2009]
    We both like this. Swings nicely.
  7. “Stablemates”James Moody – Moody 4A [2009]
    Excellent straight-ahead jazz.
  8. “Changes”Heath Brothers – Endurance [2009]
    We like it. Cool.
  9. “Progress of Love”Joe Henry – Blood From Stars
    We both want to more hear of Joe.
  10. “Too Close for Comfort”Count Basie Orchestra – Swinging, Singing, Playing [2009]
    This has Nina Freelon on vocals – she’s more than all right.
  11. “Don’t Play That Song”Joel Frahm / Bruce Katz – Project A [2009]
    This rocks! (We both like it.)
  12. “Hold Tight Hold Tight”The Andrews Sisters – Capitol Collectors Series [2009]
    Almost unbearable. We’re just not in a 70’s mood.
  13. “I’m Country (And That’s OK)”Robert Glasper – Double Booked
    This cut is Ok – we’re not sure about the rest of the album.
  14. “On The South Side of Chicago”Freddie Cole – The Dreamer in Me
    Freddie sounds cool and relaxed on this – good stuff.
  15. “I’m All Smiles”Stephanie Nakasian – If I Ruled The World
    We both like this piece.
  16. “I Want to Talk About You”John Hicks – I Remenber You
    Very pleasant – we both like it.
  17. “Five Plus Five”Enrico Pieranunzi – Dream Dance
    Two Wows!
  18. “Mambo for Roy”Roy Hargrove – Emergence
    Two thumbs up!
  19. “Menace Ultimo”Ben Neill – Night Science
    Actually, this is all right. We’re surprised.
  20. “It Is What It Is”Brian Bromberg – It is What it Is
    This is cool, Deep Bad. – Brian’s on piccolo guitar.
  21. “Excuse Me”Brian Bromberg – It Is What It Is
    Wow, this guy is good.
  22. “Hope You Don’t Mind”Mike Stern – Big Neighborhood
    Sweet sound -we both like it.
  23. “Who Else?”Bill Heid – Wylie Avenue
    Two thumbs up.
  24. “Otra Mirada”Dave Holland – Live at the 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival
    Very sweet – great sax!
  25. “Going for a Burton”John Surman – Brewster’s Rooster
    We both like this right off – just has that beat.
  26. “Geezerhood”Bob Florence – Legendary
    Swings! Excellent.

New Month New Music [Playlist – 02/02/09]

Two thumbs UP

Two thumbs up

Two thumbs up

  • “Down, Down,Down”Southside Johnny – Grapefruit Moon
    Nick-Yes, Gerald-Yes
  • “Walk Away”Southside Johnny – GF Moon
    Nick-Yes, Gerald-Yes
  • “Nubop”Rick Frank – Yellow Mountain
    Nick-Yes alright, Gerald-Yes OK
  • “Shaw’nuff”Keith Jarrett – Yesterdays
    Two thumbs way up
  • “Una Bruja Buena”Geoffrey Keezer – Aurea
    2 thumbs up
  • “Road Song”Terrence Brewer – Groovin’ Wes
    2 thumbs up
  • “In The House”Mike Clark – Blueprints Of Jazz V1
    2 thumbs up
  • “Z”Clifton Anderson – Decade
    Nick and Gerald both like this
  • “A Vontade Mesmo”Claudio Roditi – Brazilliance X 4
    2 thumbs up
  • “Ray’s Way”Ray Levier – Ray’s Way
    We both like this CD
  • “Blue Bossa”Phil Ranelin – Living A New Day
    2 thumbs up
  • “Pinjur”Jessica Lurie – Shop Of Wild Dreams
    2 thumbs up
  • “Jive Samba”Clayton Bros. – Bro. To Bro.
    2 thumbs up
  • “Shine”Ravi Coltrane – Blending Times
    2 thumbs up
  • “Big Chief”Vinnie Cutro – Sakura
    2 thumbs up
  • “Fishwife Blues”Billet-Deux – Deux
    2 thumbs up
  • “Hutchhikers Guide”Joshua Redmon – Compass
    2 thumbs up
  • Bluenote 7 – Mosaic
    2 thumbs up

Split decision

Split decision

One thumb up, one thumb down

  • “Avalon”Buselli-Wallarab – Where Or When
    Nick likes it, not Gerald’s cup of tea
  • “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”Eliane Elias – Bossa Nova Stories
    Nick has a thumbs up, Gerald thinks the CD cover looks good
  • “Save A Place For Me”Ann Hampton Callaway – At Last
    Nick likes it, Gerald does not
  • “Samba To Go”Hendrik Muerkens – Samba To Go
    Nick likes it, Gerald thinks it’s elevator music
  • “A Primeira Vez”Jane Monheit – Lovers, Dreamers And Me
    Nick has thumb up, Gerald does not

Two thumbs DOWN

Two thumbs down

Two thumbs down

  • “Thoughts And Slow Actions”Billy Harper – Blueprints Of Jazz V1
    Nick-No, Gerald-No, tedious
  • “La Cumparsita”Quartet San Francisco – Latigo
    Probably won’t hear this on our shows